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Setting a Trend?

Support for the Greens and the FDP in the 2021 Bundestag Election

Andreas M. Wüst

The 2021 Bundestag election brought an end to the model of grand coalitions that Germany had witnessed in 12 out of the 16 years of Angela Merkel’s chancellorship. While older voters often switched from the Christian Democrats to the Social Democrats, young voters might have set a trend in 2021 by voting for non-governing parties, allowing the Greens and the fdp to enter the new government. Have we witnessed more than a situational switch from the Volksparteien to a new yellow-green alliance, maybe even the rise of a generational cleavage? This article provides empirical evidence for dissatisfaction with the grand coalition government and the quest for change among young voters—a fight against climate change combined with state-centered social policies among Green voters, and a broad liberal program for progress among fdp voters. Yet the reasons that young people support these parties differ significantly. Thus, it is thin empirical ice to associate the yellow-green boost among young voters with a new generational cleavage.

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Unreasonable rage, disobedient dissent

The social construction of student activists and the limits of student engagement

Jessica Gagnon

headline suggest that young voters have been ‘reduced to tears’, an emotional response associated with children, but the article defines young people as ages 18–39, which means that full adulthood must begin sometime from age 40 onwards. After a series of

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Support for a Populist Government in Poland

A Few Notes about Its Economic and Cultural Divides

Michał Gulczyński

, but the vision of the Polish nation as victim of history under new threats may reinforce the attractiveness of nationalist appeals to “moral unity.” Young Voters and the Gender Gap in Voting Behavior The political preferences of the Polish

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Must Labour Lose?

The 1959 election and the politics of the people

Charlotte Lydia Riley

second examined the questions of nationalization and Labour's connection to organized labor, the third considered prosperity and affluence, and the fourth detailed the opinions of young voters. These latter three chapters all represent areas of particular

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Israel’s Innovative Young Adults Lists

Robust Participation in Institutional Municipal Politics

Zvi Hadar, Fany Yuval, and Rebecca Kook

Lehto , and Anni Goman . 2010 . “ Targeting Young Voters in a Political Campaign: Empirical Insights into an Interactive Digital Marketing Campaign in the 2007 Finnish General Election .” Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing 22 ( 1

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Robin Rodd

intellectuals. The symbolic significance of the MLN-T's history of radicalism, meanwhile, has continued to attract young voters to the FA who did not live through the dictatorship and guerrilla warfare of the 1970s ( Moreira 2004 ). A historical commitment to

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Digital Natives

Making Sense of the Digital Political Landscape and Assessing the Potential for Mobilization versus Apathy

Patrick Readshaw

Guidelines for Publication of Qualitative Research Studies in Psychology and Related Fields .” British Journal of Clinical Psychology 38 ( 3 ): 215 – 229 . 10.1348/014466599162782 Esser , Frank , and Claes H. de Vreese . 2007 . “ Comparing Young

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Never Mind the Ballots

The Edible Ballot Society and the Performance of Citizenship

Matthew Hayes

“given up hope” (2011: 80). In the face of what is perceived to be a foregone conclusion—a vote for “the least offensive candidate in a roster of known liars” ( EBS 2002 )—many young voters are abstaining from the vote altogether. Or, in the case of the