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Maria Stehle

Ruff, Mark Edward. The Wayward Flock: Catholic Youth in Postwar West Germany, 1945-1965 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2005)

McDougall, Alan. Youth Politics in East Germany: The Free German Youth Movement 1946-1968 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2004)

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A Penchant for Protest?

Typifying Canadian Millennials’ Political Engagement

Randle J. Hart

Much has been made of the Millennial generation’s seemingly low rates of political participation. Some argue that this generation is politically apathetic, while others suggest that Millennials have eschewed traditional politics in favor of protest as a means of political participation. Drawing on Canada’s 2013 General Social Survey (Cycle 27, Social Identity), I employ an exploratory latent class analysis to determine whether the Millennial generation can be usefully categorized according to their participation in various forms of political, civic, and social movement activities. I then use binary logit regression to determine how well the biographical availability hypothesis explains Millennial politics. This research reveals that Canadian Millennials may be grouped into four categories: the politically unengaged, the politically expressive, the civically engaged, and activist. Support for the biographical availability hypothesis is mixed. As expected, students are more likely to be activists and parenthood reduces the odds of being politically expressive or an activist, but home ownership does not decrease the chances of Millennials being politically engaged and increases the chances of being civically engaged. Younger Millennials (ages 15–24) are much more likely to be politically unengaged compared to older Millennials (ages 25–34).

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Jeffrey D. Hilmer and Max Halupka

debates concerning youth politics—ones focused on understanding the changing nature of youth politics in a highly globalised, digitalized world. Looking to contribute here is Loncle et al.’s edited book Youth Participation in Europe: Beyond Discourses

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Personal, Powerful, Political

Activist Networks by, for, and with Girls and Young Women

Catherine Vanner and Anuradha Dugal

, Hava R. , and Taft , Jessica . 2010 . “ Rethinking Youth Political Socialization: Teenage Activists Talk Back .” Youth & Society 43 ( 4 ): 1499 – 1527 . . 10.1177/0044118X10386087 Hesford , Wendy S

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Digital Natives

Making Sense of the Digital Political Landscape and Assessing the Potential for Mobilization versus Apathy

Patrick Readshaw

qualitative and idiographic perspective can add to the wider academic literature on “youth politics” by emphasizing what it actually means to be a member of this group rather than assume that all British youth are uniformly apathetic (cf. Armstron 2005

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Holly Thorpe

international aid and development studies, there is a growing body of literature examining the unique forms of youth politics, activism, entrepreneurialism, and civic engagement emerging in the twenty-first century. 8 Indeed, as illustrated in the Arab Spring

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Nick Underwood

women, the victory of the Popular Front, and about the dangers that fascism in France, Germany, and Italy posed to the social status of women. 38 In her study of youth politics during the interwar period, Susan Whitney argues that “dropping their

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Beyond Colonial Tropes

Two Productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Palestine

Samer Al-Saber

the original names. He described the play as locally relevant due to its conflicting archetypal characters: a powerful authority, a magical dream world and a gritty underclass of workers. Similarly, he saw the characters as divided into emerging youth

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The Inheritance of Activism

Does Social Capital Shape Women's Lives?

Supriya Baily, Gloria Wang, and Elisabeth Scotto-Lavino

. Taft . 2011 . “ Rethinking Youth Political Socialization: Teenage Activists Talk Back .” Youth & Society 43 ( 4 ): 1499 – 1527 . . 10.1177/0044118X10386087 Keller , Jessalynn Marie . 2012

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Mixed Message Media

Girls’ Voices and Civic Engagement in Student Journalism

Piotr S. Bobkowski and Genelle I. Belmas

Talk Becomes Public Political Expression: Examining a Practice-Field Hypothesis of Youth Political Development .” Political Communication 30 , no. 4 : 602 – 619 . doi:10.1080/10584609.2012.737437 10.1080/10584609.2012.737437 Pajares , Frank , and