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Priscilla Fortier

This article describes the findings of an undergraduate Ethnography of the University Initiative (EUI) course in which students examined the university's efforts to improve the racial climate of the campus. These institutional efforts are intended to create a more comfortable environment for under-represented minority students who often comprise a significantly smaller group on campus than in their home neighbourhoods and high schools. Many minority group students experience isolation and discomfort connected to a lack of 'ownership' of campus spaces and traditions, which tend to be monopolised by white students. In my EUI class, which was sponsored by the Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA) at the University of Illinois (U of I), under-represented minority students focused their ethnographic projects specifically on campus-sponsored programmes intended to facilitate interaction across racial and ethnic groups. Of particular interest to students were programmes related to residence halls and campus social spaces. The findings presented here indicate that campus-sponsored programmes to increase race awareness that depend upon students' voluntary participation may be less effective in bringing students together than required classroom-based programmes and informal interaction through shared extra-curricular passions.

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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Refugee and Migration Studies

Lessons from Collaborative Research on Sanctuary in the Changing Times of Trump

Sara Vannini, Ricardo Gomez, Megan Carney and Katharyne Mitchell

. Thousands of people, including unaccompanied minors, were crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the Sonoran Desert, or the Rio Grande, only to encounter systemic racial profiling, privatized detention, and expedited deportation proceedings. We were also witnessing

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

of selling them for a dollar on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. The plan was successful, and soon Newton and Seale had raised enough money to buy a .357 Magnum pistol and a High Standard shotgun at the local department store

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Daryl Glaser

-referencing claims are in a sense competing substantive democratic claims. This article examines contending claims to democratic legitimacy in the conflict that has unfolded on the campuses of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where this author works

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Paul Apostolidis, William E. Connolly, Jodi Dean, Jade Schiff and Romand Coles

, sexuality, climate, equality, racial struggle, and world territorial exploitation seep through and beyond class divisions. Today a diverse spiritual assemblage must be constructed from diverse creeds, regions, and sites. Perhaps the paths pursued by

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Unreasonable rage, disobedient dissent

The social construction of student activists and the limits of student engagement

Jessica Gagnon

events, providing the context for my discussion on the media construction of student activists and the limits of student engagement in the United Kingdom. Within this political climate, it seems especially important to consider whose voices are heard and

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Inventing Eco-Cycle

A Social Enterprise Approach to Sustainability Education

Sandy Smith-Nonini

new meet-up group in late 2005 called NC Powerdown focused on ‘peak oil’, renewable technologies and climate change. In retrospect, theoretical assumptions from my background shaped my responses to the new findings. I had done engaged research on

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Two Failures of Left Internationalism

Political Mimesis at French University Counter-Summits, 2010–2011

Eli Thorkelson

(later renamed HCERES). 9 In 2007, the newly elected Sarkozy government initiated an ambitious project of campus denationalization, termed “autonomization” (Loi LRU), which, albeit advocated by the OECD, was not mandated by any international process

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

-imperialism racial exclusion The density of automobiles, the week-end, high wages, outdoor leisure, the open educational system, progressive gender relations, birth control—all this and more leads to the amazing, although ultimately ambivalent judgment, that

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor and Olga R. Gulina

salient in secular spheres. Notably, younger Syrian Christians say they became Christians when they left home to attend college. Given the seeming secularity of US college campuses, it would have been interesting to learn about their conversion experiences