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Sisyphean Struggles

Encounters and Interactions within Two US Public Housing Programs

Erika Gubrium, Sabina Dhakal, Laura Sylvester and Aline Gubrium

provision at two public housing sites, exploring their connections to the generation of shame or dignity building. Welfare in the United States Paternalistic, shame-based policies are reported to be common in a US setting, where those having to rely on

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After the commons—commoning!

Don Kalb

housing, for utilities, for education, for health, for funerals, for playgrounds, for parks, and indeed even for work. Thompson’s oeuvre suggests that the first mass-scale working-class movement, the Chartists, made itself partly out of the customs in

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Migrant Residents in Search of Residences

Locating Structural Violence at the Interstices of Bureaucracies

Megan Sheehan

informal housing market. In their work on bureaucracy and the public good, Laura Bear and Nayanika Mathur (2015) argue that bureaucracy crafts precarious citizenship that is “not marked by the dynamics of absolute inclusion and exclusion.” In navigating

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Patrick Cockburn

institutional organisation property; I then illustrate some possible answers to this problem with reference to the scholarship of legal philosopher Jeremy Waldron, political theorist Lawrence Hamilton and anarchist housing scholar Colin Ward, who tell us quite

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Incipient “commoning” in defense of the public?

Competing varieties of fiscal citizenship in tax- and spending-related direct democracy

Sandra Morgen and Jennifer Erickson

. Half the US states permit “direct democracy,” or direct votes on public policies either as legislative referrals or measures qualified by citizen mobilization. Oregon’s ballot measure process is widely regarded as one of the most accessible among states

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Every Campus A Refuge

A Small College’s Engagement with Refugee Resettlement

Diya Abdo and Krista Craven

, crafted podcasts for the initiative’s public fora, taken on the role of program coordinator, and presented on the program in public venues such as the UN. These students’ experiences have allowed us to conceptualize a broader curricular engagement around

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Katherine Ellinghaus and Sianan Healy

available for Indigenous families. 28 But he also advised the Territory officials to take the “utmost care … in the handling of the public relations side,” and gave them detailed instructions about when and what to say about the housing. 29 It is important

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Commoning in New York City, Barcelona, and Paris

Notes and observations from the field

Ida Susser

a political bloc Space: The second urban commons As Lance Jay Brown and Ron Shiffman (2012: xxi ) wrote about Occupy Wall Street, public places “allow us not only to express our needs but also to form what and who we are. These are spaces of social

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“Home Is Home No Longer”

Political Struggle in the Domestic Sphere in Postarmistice Hungary, 1919-1922

Emily R. Gioielli

to Mrs. Ernyey being brought before the local eighth district Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council “between bayonets” and in full view of the public. The council dismissed the charges due to insufficient evidence, but not before assuring Mrs. Ernyey that if

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The racial fix

White currency in the gentrification of black and Latino Chicago

Jesse Mumm

in original). And race was never separable from US housing markets. Still, the racial fix I present below should be viewed as an instantiation of larger global economic restructuring. Gentrification is in many ways a localization of globalization and