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“The 1990s Wasn't Just a Time of Bandits; We Feminists Were Also Making Mischief!”

Celebrating Twenty Years of Feminist Enlightenment Projects in Tver’

Julie Hemment and Valentina Uspenskaya

and lost histories of women's struggle for emancipation. We write reflexively of our own entanglements and mutual education projects also. We, coauthors, are differently positioned: Valentina Uspenskaya, director and founder of the center, and Julie

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Adrian van den Hoven

translation, and, as a result, her translation follows the French text much more closely. In addition, her translation is preceded not only by an excellent Introduction, but also by an extensive ‘Notes on the translation’ section, and her text also contains

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Places of Otherness

Comparing Eastleigh, Nairobi, and Xiaobei, Guangzhou, as Sites of South-South Migration

Neil Carrier and Gordon Mathews

is perceived and treated by host countries. As trade hubs they also reveal how much mobility of people within the Global South depends on the flow of trade goods, principally those of what has been termed “low-end globalisation” ( Mathews 2018

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An Environmentally Literate Explorer

A. E. Nordenskiöld’s Three Expeditions to the North Asian Coast, 1875–1879

Seija A. Niemi

In 1869, the Finnish Swedish explorer and scientist Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld 1 wrote the following in a letter to Mikhail Sidorov (1823–1887), a Russian merchant: “I presume that a scientific expedition will also be the best way to promote

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Steen Ledet Christiansen

Skin tearing off a finger, knees buckling unnaturally, a nail file plunging through a cheek; Black Swan ( Darren Aronofsky, 2010 ) contains many scenes of extreme pain, a pain not solely felt by the body on screen but also manifested in the

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Frans Ciappara

sanctity but also in their supernatural powers as talismans. Bishop Pellerano (1770-1780) conducted a penitential procession in 1772 in an effort to break a severe drought; 2 and when there was again lack of rain in January 1795, the arm of St. Paul was

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On Misfitness

Reflections in and out of Fashion

James D. Faubion

merely with others but also with themselves. They doubt themselves – as selves. They are ‘irritable’. They have admirable help in securing a diagnosis and, through it, recovering what conformity they can. They are, as it were, ‘lucky’. From Zoanni

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To Smile and Not to Smile

Mythic Gesture at the Russia-China Border

Caroline Humphrey

cold eyes of the border guards are a reminder that in communicative situations not removing one’s glance and not smiling are also gestures. The functional activity of border crossing—humping luggage, standing in queues, showing documents—is done in a

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Wenn eine Band lange Zeit lebt

Puhdys, Politics, and Popularity

John Littlejohn

work, collected on the band’s first, eponymous album 2 provides an optimal case study. Such an analysis reveals why the Puhdys rose to the top and stayed there: more than a modicum of luck—but also a great deal of talent and political savvy. To

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Knowledge, Ignorance, and Pilgrimage

Evgenia Mesaritou, Simon Coleman, and John Eade

power relations involved in the construction of sacred centers but also the ways in which the latter relate to other places where pilgrims learn to practice their religion, and live their everyday lives. Pilgrimage beyond Pilgrimage Sites: Everyday