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Concerns, Considerations and Conceptions of Kinship

Inheritance in Modern Danish Blended Families

Bodil Selmer

moral obligation; the life companionship between spouses, kinned by nurture, also entails legal obligations, while the relationship between step-parents and children and among step-siblings is undecided and open for individual considerations and concerns

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Some Preliminary Considerations about Social Cohesion and Social Quality

Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

The recently published report by Wolfgang Beck exploring the role of social cohesion in European policies (Beck, 2001) is of interest for the European Foundation on Social Quality. Indeed, in the Foundation second book, ‘Social Quality: A Vision for Europe’, the analysis of social cohesion is seen as a priority in the strengthening of the theoretical basis of social quality (Beck et al., 2001). The editors of this last book emphasise the fact that defining the substance of social cohesion is a delicate matter. Because of its long scientific and political history the concept has been, up to now, connected with a wide range of other concepts with related connotations, such as inclusion, exclusion, integration, disintegration, and social dissolution. Contrary to many studies on social cohesion, the way they approach social cohesion as one of the four components of social quality is not restricted to the strength or weakness of primary social relationships (Lockwood, 1999). It is connected with processes of differentiation, which create a manifold of subsystems that cannot be directly linked as such with the logic of social structures such as families, households and associations. As a result the individual subject is forced to react in a multi-inclusive way. This is becoming now even more complex since, because of the explosive development of communication technologies, the pace and place of social relationships are changing. (Beck et al., 2001: 343) In this contribution we will present some elements of Beck’s report and we shall connect these with herewith-related parts of the Foundation’s second book.

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"Metaphysical Considerations Can Come Later, But the People Have Children to Feed"

An Interview with Aimé Césaire

William F.S. Miles

Nineteen eighty-two marked a milestone in the history of Martinique and the career of Aimé Césaire. One year had passed since François Mitterrand's election as president and Césaire's declaration of a "moratorium" on challenging the island's status as a French département (state). Pro-independence violence still rocked the French West Indies. In this interview Césaire discusses the burdens of material dependency, dangers of in- and out-migration, centralizing legacies of France, opportunities afforded by Socialist governance, the need for decentralization, and the future of Martinican identity. The interview reveals Césaire's strategic flexibility within inviolate principles, his unique capacity to channel his people's psyche, his keen recognition of the relationship between nationalism and economics, and his sensitivity to micropolitics and intra-island differences.

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Note on the Question of Animal Suffering in Medieval Islam

Muslim Mu‘tazilite Theology Confronted by Manichean Iranian Thought

Didier Gazagnadou

animal suffering. Islam, the Manicheans and Animals Suffering Animal suffering is at the core of these reflections and debates. On a wider scale, this question is part of considerations on the just nature of God and the free will of humans. But it is also

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Textual Spaces of the Past, Present, and Future

Claudia Mitchell

spaces can extend even into a consideration of material space and how we might engage in decolonizing practices that attend to the dynamics of power and colonial violence. This investigation into a broad range of textualities serves as a reminder of the

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How is disability portrayed through Welsh universities’ Disability Service web pages?

A Critical Disability Studies perspective

Beth Pickard

and Penketh 2016 ; Dolmage 2017 ; Iannacci 2018 ). These sources are largely from social justice ( Evans et al. 2017 ; Liasidou 2014 ; Taylor and Shallish 2019 ) or historical perspectives ( Bolt 2019 ; Hurst 2017 ). A more practical consideration

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“Can You Really See What We Write Online?”

Ethics and Privacy in Digital Research with Girls

Ronda Zelezny-Green

aforementioned articles, for example, the ethical considerations are generally condensed into just a few lines. Authors ( James 2014 ; Subrahmanyam and Šmahel 2011 ) who have explored ethics in digital research with youth have focused, usually, on digital

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Appointing Arab Judges to the Courts in Israel, 1948–1969

Guy Lurie

coalition and one from the opposition), and two representatives of the Bar. It was designed in order to maintain, on the one hand, a professional and independent judiciary and to include, on the other hand, wider social considerations and accountability in

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Tweens as Technofeminists

Exploring Girlhood Identity in Technology Camp

Jen England and Robert Cannella

’ projects, highlighting how the girls were empowered with tools and language necessary to challenge sexist and misogynist media portrayals of girlhood and to construct their own online identities. Finally, we describe further considerations for, and

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Innovative Thinking on the Relationship between the Provision of Local Services and Inequality in Israel

Yoram Ida, Amir Hefetz, Assaf Meydani, Gila Menahem, and Elad Cohen

). We developed an innovative procedure for setting national standards that takes into account the principles of the new localism as well as considerations of equality. This procedure incorporates both objective, community-specific data on socio