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Delta Ontologies

Infrastructural Transformations in the Chao Phraya Delta, Thailand

Atsuro Morita and Casper Bruun Jensen

multiple histories of agency—of traveling engineers, scientists and traders, of states and kingdoms, of canals and dikes, and of landscapes—became ‘entangled’, the Chao Phraya Delta gradually turned into an ontological palimpsest made of complexly layered

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The OECD Water Governance Principles in Flood Risk Management

Understanding Conflicts and Frictions in Dutch Flood Protection

Nadine Keller, Barbara Tempels, and Thomas Hartmann

2015 ). In contrast to the flood defense dominated approach, efficiency and trust and engagement are also involved in FRM. Flood protection measures—especially but not only dikes—influence property values, the land becomes more profitable for uses

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Cultures de Guerre in Picardy, 1917

Michael McGuire

agency, sanctioned efforts by its treasurer, American heiress Anne Morgan, to undertake a “work of reconstruction” in French refugee settlements or recently liberated lands. She and Anne Dike, a Scottish-born humanitarian, established the Civilian

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Diasporas as Audiences of Securitization

Jewish American Diaspora and BDS

Ronnie Olesker

; 2012 ; Nelson 2019 ; Sharansky 2004 ; Topor 2021 ) and Israeli think tanks ( Diker 2016 ; Reut Group 2010 ) have also contributed to the framing of BDS as a form of antisemitism. 6 Recall that the efficacy of diasporas as audiences is dependent on

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Delegitimization as a National Security Threat

Israel and BDS

Ronnie Olesker

-Semitic (Fishman 2012; Sheskin and Felson 2016 ) and tied to Palestinian terror groups ( Diker 2015; MSA 2019 ). Others have observed inconsistent application of its guidelines ( Hallward and Shaver 2012 ) and the gap between its rhetoric of human rights and its

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Book Reviews

Haimo Li and John Enslin

and is seen as being multi-dimensional, an ever-present reality that gives meaning and enables life and, at the same time, presents us with deeply inalienable human themes ( moira, hubris, dike, adike ) that accompany us in a retrieved form even today

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When Environmental History Goes Public in China

Na Li

floodplains to constrict the turbulent flow and move water more quickly downstream. There are two competing philosophies, Joseph Needham (cf. Worster 2011 ) argues, about where to place the embankments or dikes and constrain the current. Civil engineers who

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Conceptualizing an Outside World

The Case of “Foreign” in Dutch Newspapers 1815–1914

Ruben Ros

surrounding lands of a city or village. It was used to designate the “countryside” or the lands outside the river dikes. Besides this geographical term, the collective singular buitenland also draws on the earlier concept of de Buitenlander (the foreigner

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Water Use and User Attitudes

Common-Pool Resources and Longitudinal Change in a Brazilian Community

John Marr Ditty and Maria Eugênia Totti

National Department of Works and Sanitation (NDWS), a Brazilian federal agency, began to execute land reclamation projects affecting the natural resources in the Quixaba region. Between 1940 and 1960 the NDWS built 1,300 kilometers of canals, dikes, and

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Enacting “Bottom-up” Solidarity in Labor Market Integration for Refugees in England

Sonia Morano-Foadi, Peter Lugosi, and Clara Della Croce

, especially for labor market integration, relies on collaborative arrangements with actors from commercial and third sector organizations (İçduygu and Diker 2017; Lugosi et al. 2022 ; Siviş 2021 ). These actors enact interrelated practices and are, arguably