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What Does Masculinity Mean?

Young People's Perspectives on Masculinity in the Mirror of Education in Germany

Johanna M. Pangritz

colleagues (2015) have argued that the role model thesis does not capture the complexity and diversity of gender in general and masculinity in particular. Race and class are also not taken into account by this thesis, and thus we are missing an

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Doing Personhood in Chinese Culture

The Desiring Individual, Moralist Self and Relational Person

Yunxiang Yan

. In doing so, Harris falls back to the dualistic model of the indivisible individual of the West versus the relational person of the Rest. To meet this challenge, Bloch offers a very different approach to that of Harris. Rather than taking pains to

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What Are We Doing When We Are Doing Democratic Theory?

Dannica Fleuß and Gary S. Schaal

scientific enterprises. To put it briefly: we are raising and providing an answer to the question, “What are we doing when we are doing democratic theory?” In the course of answering this question we argue that it is essential for democratic theorists to be

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Good People Doing Bad Things

Compliance Regimes in Organisations

Steven Sampson

Several decades ago, while doing fieldwork with local officials in communist Romania, I asked a local administrator how he handled all the decrees and regulations that came down from the party and state organs. ‘Well’, he said, ‘some of them I

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Doctos y legos

Percepciones sobre la Técnica del Insecto Estéril en México

Ana Laura Pacheco Soriano, Ariane Dor, and Dora Elia Ramos Muñoz

, en el municipio de Tapachula, Chiapas, para realizar un estudio piloto, con el propósito de incluir la participación y aceptación de las personas que habitan esos ejidos ( Dor et al., 2018 ). De 2016 a 2018, había 1.5 veces más huevos de mosquito

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What’s a Political Theorist to Do?

Rawls, the Fair Value of the Basic Political Liberties, and the Collapse of the Distinction Between ‘Ideal’ and ‘Nonideal’ Theory

Susan Orr and James Johnson

, categorical and useful distinction’ can be drawn between the two ( Hamlin and Stemplowska 2012: 48 ). As things stand, there now are rival second order ‘conceptual maps’ of the contested terrain ( Hamlin and Stemplowska 2012 ; Valentini 2012 ). We do not

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What does it mean to teach ‘interpretively’?

Jennifer Dodge, Richard Holtzman, Merlijn van Hulst, and Dvora Yanow

analysis, among many others. The starting point of the roundtable was our shared belief that it does, indeed, make sense to think about teaching ‘interpretively’. But what might that mean? How does it differ from other ways of teaching? What ‘lessons

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Why Does God Get It Wrong?

Divine Fallibility in Athens and Jerusalem

Gabriel Kanter Webber

. ‘To who?’ ‘To Joe.’ ‘For what?’ ‘For the apple he gave you.’ ‘For the apple he gave me?’ asked Danish. ‘I found that apple myself.’ ‘Do you think the apple just grew there?’ Doughnut shouted. I remembered this story when visiting a Hindu

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What Competition Does: An Anthropological Theory

Leo Hopkinson and Teodor Zidaru

—has come to overdetermine recent public and scholarly discourse on what competition does. Tacit analyses of competition in anthropology tend to slide into this ‘capitalist slot’, 1 sharing many critical perspectives about competition's effects with

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How Many Emotions Does Film Studies Need?

A Phenomenological Proposal

Julian Hanich

We don't discriminate carefully enough, you know, between things that seem alike but are different. You should always do that. —Richard Ford, Canada It was a success story. Since the 1990s emotion research has been not only “one of