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Knowledge, Ignorance, and Pilgrimage

Evgenia Mesaritou, Simon Coleman, and John Eade

in the memory of the locals, who recall the failed Muslim attempts to resist the Jewish rebranding. The importance of living history and memory is also illustrated by Evgenia Mesaritou, who focuses on Greek Cypriots’ return pilgrimages to the

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Non “Religious” Knowing in Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites

Greek Cypriots’ “return” Pilgrimages to the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas (Cyprus)

Evgenia Mesaritou


Even though pilgrimages may often be directed toward what can conventionally be seen as “religious” sacred sites, religious and ritual forms of knowledge and ignorance may not necessarily be the only, or even the most prominent, forms in their workings. Focusing on Greek Cypriots’ return pilgrimages to the Christian-Orthodox monastery of Apostolos Andreas (Karpasia) under the conditions of Cyprus's ongoing division, in this article I explore the non “religious” forms of knowing and ignoring salient to pilgrimages to sacred religious sites, the conditions under which they become relevant, and the risks associated with them. Showing how pilgrimages to the monastery of Apostolos Andreas are situated within a larger framework of seeing “our places,” I will argue that remembering and knowing these places is the type of knowledge most commonly sought out by pilgrims, while also exploring what the stakes of not knowing/forgetting them may be felt to be. An exclusive focus on “religious” forms of knowledge and ignorance would obscure the ways in which pilgrimage is often embedded in everyday social and political concerns.

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Tiziana Soverino, Evgenia Mesaritou, Thomas M. Wilson, Steve Byrne, Dino Vukušić, Fabiana Dimpflmeier, Eva-Maria Walther, and Eva Schwab

anthropologists and historians working on the region and/or on pilgrimage and religion (Eastern Christianity in particular) and in postsocialist societies and beyond. Evgenia Mesaritou University of Toronto/University of Cyprus References Halemba , A

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Ayşe Durakbaşa, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj, Evgenia Sifaki, Maria Repoussi, Emilia Salvanou, Tatyana Kotzeva, Tamara Zlobina, Maria Bucur, Anna Muller, Katarzyna Stańczak-Wiślicz, Lukas Schretter, Iza Desperak, Susan Zimmermann, and Marina Soroka

ellinikou diafotismou-romantismou (Tracing the “invisible” writing: Women and writing in the years of Greek Enlightenment-Romanticism), Athens: Nefeli, 2014, 554 pp., €28 (paperback), ISBN: 978-9-60504-070-3. Book review by Evgenia Sifaki University of

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Johanna Gehmacher, Svetla Baloutzova, Orlin Sabev, Nezihe Bilhan, Tsvetelin Stepanov, Evgenia Kalinova, Zorana Antonijevic, Alexandra Ghit, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Ana Luleva, Barbara Klich-Kluczewska, Courtney Doucette, Katarzyna Stańczak-Wiślicz, Valentina Mitkova, Vjollca Krasniqi, Pepka Boyadjieva, Marina Hughson, and Rayna Gavrilova

.00 (pb), ISBN 978–0-8223–5835-0. Book Review by Evgenia Kalinova St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Bulgaria Kristen Ghodsee’s new book presents both her archival and her ethnographic gender-sensitive research on post-1989 Bulgaria. One part of

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Valentina Mitkova

Nencheva, Yana Yazova, Sanda Yovcheva, Evgenia Mars, Slava Shtipleva, Anna Kamenova, and Luba Kasarova). By numbers, the second place belonged to women’s publications on humanities and social issues, literary criticism, historical and biographical writings

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Olga Zdravomyslova and Elena Onegina

-semenov-infekciia-nashchupyvaet-svoi-gruppy-riska.html?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop& Shamis , Evgenia , and Evgeny Nikonov . 2020 . Regeneration Project. Generational Values in Russia for 2020 . [In Russian.] Rugenerations , 17 June . Smirnov , Vladimir . 2016

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Yvonne Friedman and Shulamit Furstenberg-Levi

gentiluomo svizzero del Cinquecento (1542–43) . Trans. from Latin by Francesco di Ciaccia . Milan : Terziaria . Mesaritou , Evgenia , Simon Coleman , and John Eade . 2015 . “ Introduction: Guiding the Pilgrim .” Tourist Studies 16 ( 1 ): 1

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Knowledge Making with and without Digital Practices during Irregularized Migration to Öresund

Nina Grønlykke Mollerup

Ampofo , Margaret Cheesman , Becky Faith , Evgenia Iliadou , Ali Issa , Souad Osseiran , and Dimitris Skleparis . 2016 . Mapping Refugee Media Journeys: Smartphones and Social Media . Networks Research Report 104, 13 May . Open

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Ekaterina B. Tolmacheva

various peoples” (SPF ARAN 142/1/19) complied in 1879–1881 by the Museum keeper Feodor Russov. The first inventory (the main museum document for the collection) of the majority of materials was drawn up in 1903 by Evgenia Petri, and it states that the