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Deliberation and Courts

The Role of the Judiciary in a Deliberative System

Donald Bello Hutt

–54 ); Lafont (2015: 40 ); Owen and Smith (2015: 214 ); Ryan and Smith (2014: 9 ). 5 Chambers (2003) ; Delli Carpini et al. (2004) ; Fung (2003) ; Goodin and Dryzek (2006: 221–225 ); Ryan and Smith (2014: 12 ); Schkade et al. (2010) . 6 Goodin and

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Michael Saward

different – different institutions, practices, and principles – from one context to another. Methodologically this may involve extending some promising existing democratic theory methodological insights such as Archon Fung's pragmatic approach, which “begins

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Vincent Pons

This view is expressed by Archon Fung, 19 May 2014, Boston Review ,">">

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Dethroning Deliberation

A Response to Caspary

Jeff Jackson

conditions, as certain deliberative democrats such as Archon Fung (2005) have done, then we must recognize that structural inequality is a much more pressing obstacle in the way of democracy than is the issue of whether individuals are deliberating properly

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Struggles over Expertise

Practices of Politicization and Depoliticization in Participatory Democracy

Taina Meriluoto

participants is inclusive and open, whether dialogue between them is equal, and whether they have the authority to make decisions with actual effect ( Baiocchi et al. 2011 ; Curato and Böker 2016 ; Fung 2006 ; Smith 2009 ). However, one key aspect in the

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Neoliberalism, the Left and the Rise of the Far Right

On the Political and Ideological Implications of Capitalism's Subordination of Democracy

Costas Panayotakis

democratization has described the paradoxical hollowing of democracy at a time when liberal democratic institutions are spreading throughout the globe ( Brown 2010: 44 ; della Porta 2013: 185 ; Fung and Wright 2003: 39-40 ; Ginsborg 2008: 26 ; Markoff 2009: 69

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Democratic Procedures Are Not Inherently Democratic

A Critical Analysis of John Keane's The New Despotism (Harvard University Press, 2020)

Gergana Dimova

argues that deliberative spaces and social movements are “emotional spaces in which identities are negotiated, constructed and possibly transformed” ( 2012 : 21). The “participatory turn” ( Fung 2004 ) suggests that participatory initiatives have an

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Anastasia Deligiaouri and Jane Suiter

, and Harris 2016 ), participatory budgeting in Brazil (e.g., Barros and Sampaio 2016 ), and Participedia ( Fung and Warren 2011 ), are actively bridging the gap between theory and practice, thus creating a fertile ground for the deepening and

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Britain, Brexit and Euroscepticism

Anthropological Perspectives on Angry Politics, Technopopulism and the UK Referendum

Cris Shore

‘What is the EU?’ ( Fung 2016 ). Over the following days, as Karen Sykes (2016) noted, many people who voted for Brexit said they had not thought the election result would actually lead to Brexit. Fallout from the result came quickly. David Cameron

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Anna Scolobig, Luigi Pellizzoni, and Chiara Bianchizza

—indeed, the opposite seems the case. To better understand and explain this result that runs contrary to much of the literature on participation and public deliberation (e.g., Fishkin and Laslett 2003 ; Fung and Wright 2003 ; Gastil and Levine 2005 ), our