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Jana Baćević

A series of events concerning the reform of higher education in Serbia, revolved around whether students who graduated prior to the formal adoption of the Bologna Process should be given the title of Masters, instead of Bachelors. It quickly became a matter of public contestation between different actors, resulting in a student protest that developed into a critique of the ‘neoliberal’ reform of higher education. This article analyses the sequence of events and the discursive strategies of the actors involved. In showing how the protests became part of power negotiations on the political scene in Serbia, the conclusion reflects on the relationship between power and discourse.

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Publications, Films and Conferences

Sabine Strasser, Serge D. Elie, Sophie Accolas, and Soheila Shahshahani


‘Parallel Societies’ and ‘No Integration’: Interventions of Social Sciences to the ‘Outside-World’

Schiffauer, Werner (2008), Parallelgesellschaften: Wie viel Wertekonsens braucht unsere Gesellschaft? Für eine kluge Politik der Differenz (Bielefeld: transcript). 147 pp., ISBN 978-3-89942-643-4.

Hess, Sabine, Binder, Jana and Moser, Johannes (eds.) (2009), No Integration?! Kultur­wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Integrationsdebatte in Europa (Bielefeld: transcript). 242 pp., ISBN 978-3-89942-890-2.

Anthropology and the Panoptic Encompassment of the Middle East

Lindholm, Charles (2002), The Islamic Middle East: Tradition and Change (rev. ed.) (London: Blackwell Publishing). xxviii + 324 pp., ISBN 1-405-10146-6.

Salzman, Philip Carl (2008), Culture and Conflict in the Middle East (New York: Humanity Books). 224 pp., ISBN 978-1-59102-587-0.


Loubeyre, Nathalie et Labat, Joel (2008), No comment, France, vidéo, couleur, 52 minutes, froggie production.


‘Humanity, Development and Cultural Diversity’, 16th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), 27–31 July 2009, Kunming, China

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Negotiating the City at the Intersection of Art, Research and Urban Politics

Judith Laister and Anna Lipphardt

Over the past decades, ‘participation’ has evolved as a key concept in a multitude of practice fields and discursive arenas, ranging from diverse political and economic contexts, through academic research, education and social work, urban planning and design, to arts institutions and artistic projects. While participation originally is a political concept and practice, it has long set out as a ‘travelling concept’ (Bal 2002). This special issue focuses on its travels between three fields of practice: the city, the arts and qualitative empirical research. Each of these practice fields over the past decades has yielded distinct understandings, objectives and methods in respect to participations, yet they also increasingly intersect, overlap and fuse with each other within specific practice contexts. What is more, many of the individual actors engaging in these initiatives on behalf of the city – from temporary projects to long-term collaborations – are not situated in one practice field only. Along with Jana König and Elisabeth Scheffel we understand them as ‘double agents’ (König and Scheffel 2013: 272–3) or even ‘multiple agents’, with simultaneous entanglements and commitments in more than one practice field.

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Philippine Prison Marriages

The Politics of Kinship and Women's Composite Agency

Sif Lehman Jensen

relatives, whom they knew from home. Moreover, the women themselves come from families involved in rebellion and have relatives imprisoned in the same prison in Manila. Thus, the two sisters, Amira and Jana, had a brother who was imprisoned in the same

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Gabriela Kiliánová

title was wearing an evening dress with blueprint ornaments by fashion designer Jana Gavalcová. This new trend is presented in the second part of the book. Ol’ga Danglová describes in detail various types of blueprint technology. She deals with

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Karen Pearlman

Kappelhoff . 2014 . “Expressive Movements in Audio-Visual Media: Modulating Enactive Experience.” In Body – Language – Communication: An International Handbook on Multimodality in Human Interaction , Vol. 2 , ed. Cornelia Jana Müller , Alan Cienki

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Zoe Bray and Christian Thauer

Ralph Hamann , eds. 2013 . Business and Climate Change Governance: South Africa in Comparative Perspective . Houndmills, UK : Palgrave Macmillan . 10.1057/9781137302748 Börzel , Tanja A. , Jana Hönke , and Christian R. Thauer . 2012

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Terms of Silence

Weaknesses in Corporate and Law Enforcement Responses to Cyberviolence against Girls

Suzanne Dunn, Julie S. Lalonde, and Jane Bailey

). Jordan Fairbairn and Dillon Black (2015) note that these methods of self-protection are often the primary approach that girls hear but, unfortunately, as Jordano Navarro and Jana Jasinski (2013) note, they have been ineffective in achieving full

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

Fisher and Jana Funke argue that the process of excising pederasty from homosexuality as a precondition of social acceptance began even earlier during the initial late-nineteenth-century construction of the category of the homosexual. 4 Nonetheless

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Nicholas L. Syrett

sexual act or gender presentation. This had obvious consequences for the role of age asymmetry in sexual relations. As Kate Fisher and Jana Funke have recently shown, sexologists in the early twentieth century argued that what constituted homosexuality as