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Improving and protecting human rights

A reflection of the quality of education for migrant and marginalized Roma children in Europe

Silvia-Maria Chireac and Anna Devis Arbona

emergent immigrant communities that this study aims to identify and analyze emergent barriers and opportunities for improving and protecting human rights in the EU education system. It proposes specific measures and a series of recommendations that

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Joana Sousa, Catherine M. Hill, and Andrew Ainslie

In Cantanhez National Park in Guinea‐Bissau the construction of meaning made after encounters with chimpanzees is associated with local social life. If a chimpanzee makes an unprovoked attack on a person, its actions are often understood as those of a sorcerer. Chimpanzees are involved in two parallel accusation discourses: one is played in intimate spheres of sociability where sorcerers harm their kin to benefit from secret alliances, and the other addresses a wider audience perceived to benefit from chimpanzees which are being protected at the expense of other humans. Both narratives represent local criticism against transgressions to calculations of redistribution and reciprocity.

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Jason James

In the years following unification, East German cityscapes have been subject to fierce contention because historic preservation and urban renewal have served as a local allegory of national redemption. Using conflicts over preservation and renewal in the city of Eisenach as a case study, I argue that historic cityscapes have served as the focus of many East Germans' efforts to grapple with the problem of Germanness because they address the past as a material cultural legacy to be retrieved and protected, rather than as a past to be worked through. In Eisenach's conflicts, heritage and Heimat serve as talismans of redemption not just because they symbolize an unspoiled German past, but also because they represent structures of difference that evoke a victimized Germanness—they are above all precious, vulnerable possessions threatened with disruption, pollution, or destruction by agents placed outside the moral boundaries of the hometown by its bourgeois custodians.

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‘For He Bestirred Himself to Protect the Land from the Moors’

Depicting the Medieval Reconquista in Modern Spanish Graphic Novels

Iain A. MacInnes

throughout. He emphasises the non-homogeneous nature of the Muslim army and its splits along regional/ethnic lines. 49 The Almohad tribes in particular are depicted as zealously religious fighters, warriors who place their faith in Allah’s ability to protect

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Protecting Indigenous Rights from Mining Companies

The Case of Ethnological Expertise in Yakutia

Violetta Gassiy

The Arctic is one of Russia’s treasures. However, Arctic economic development means that business is invading lands that are sacred to indigenous peoples. As a rule, regional authorities are interested in tax revenues from subsoil users, prompting them to decide the culture-or-mining dilemma in favor of the latter. But this does not mean that the price of this encroachment on indigenous lands remains uncalculated. Since its establishment in 2010, Yakutia’s Ethnological Expertise Committee has developed a tool for assessing the damage caused to indigenous communities by subsoil users. The problem of getting businesses to compensate indigenous communities has yet to be solved. This article seeks answers to the problem of fair compensation methods and explores modes of partnership and cooperation on traditional lands.

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Babies and Boomers

Intergenerational Democracy and the Political Epidemiology of COVID-19

Toby Rollo

almost always involve processes of “political epidemiology” ( Gil-González et al. 2009 ; Brownlea 1981 ) that follow the contours of traditional power relations, sacrificing some lives to protect others. From this perspective, public health policy

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Kasey Butcher

Lorena Garcia. 2012. Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself: Latina Girls and Sexual Identity. New York: NYU Press.

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Human rights-based service delivery

Assessing the role of national human rights institutions in democracy and development in Ghana and Uganda

Richard Iroanya, Patrick Dzimiri, and Edith Phaswana

rights within a given socio-political space. These mechanisms include, among others, legislation, structures that hold the state accountable and at the same time strengthen its capacity to protect, respect, and guarantee human rights ( Annan 2005 ; Evans

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Parks, Proxies, and People

Ideology, Epistemology, and the Measurement of Human Population Growth on Protected Area Edges

David M. Hoffman

The epistemic community of conservation biology has a normative and epistemological engagement with human population growth and biodiversity conservation on the edges of protected areas (PAs). This article unpacks how this epistemic community frames

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For the Father of a Newborn

Soviet Obstetrics and the Mobilization of Men as Medical Allies

Amy E. Randall

particular on initiatives to convince men to play a role in protecting the health of their wives and fetuses during pregnancy as well as the health of their wives and newborns during the postnatal period. Medical professionals and health educators argued that