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Queering Lucrezia's Virtú

A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Radical Machiavelli

Andrés Fabián Henao Castro

In this article I seek to bring the ‘radical Machiavelli’ tradition into dialectical confrontation with the ‘feminist interpretations’ tradition, by addressing what is most often overlooked in one but underlined in the other – that is, Machiavelli

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Radical Reactionary

The Politics of William Le Queux

Harry Wood

Fiction identifies Le Queux as ‘a sinister, anti-Semitic, and right-wing figure’. 11 Developing on these contrasting positions, this article will suggest that William Le Queux is best understood as a product of the Edwardian radical right. First

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Spatializing Radical Political Imaginaries

Neoliberalism, Crisis, and Transformative Experience in the Syntagma Square Occupation in Greece

Dimitris Soudias

radical political imaginaries in these encampments. First, this is because the extraordinary practice of occupying is an act against the ordering of the status quo vis-à-vis the neoliberalization of everyday life in Greece. And second, the social order

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Mainstreaming the Radical Right?

The Ambiguous Populism of the COVID-19 Street Protests in Germany

Michael Neuber

The prominence of varied crisis discourses related to the Great Recession and immigration over the past two decades has helped to foster a favorable canvas for populist radical right (PRR) success in contemporary Western societies. 1 Notable

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From Moderate Action to Radical Protest Intentions

Disentangling Social-Identity-Based Models Predicting Political Violence

Hedy Greijdanus, Sara Panerati, Tom Postmes, and Russell Spears

affect the choice for a particular means to achieve social change. Which social-psychological factors influence the decision to use more radical rather than moderate or conventional means? While an abundance of research focuses on predictors of (mainly

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Radical Right-Wing Populists in Parliament

Examining the Alternative for Germany in European Context

Lars Rensmann

Following the long-term rise and recent electoral boost of radical-right populist parties across Europe, the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) became the third strongest party in the 2017 general elections for the

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Radical Shakespeare

In Memory of Terry Hawkes (1932–2014)

Graham Holderness and Richard Wilson

This issue is devoted to the radical and innovative Shakespeare criticism that emerged in Britain in the 1980s; and to the memory of a hugely influential and much-loved leader in the field, Professor Terence Hawkes, who died in 2014.

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Radical or Not So Radical?

Tactical Variation in Core Policy Formation by the Front National

James Shields

Starting from a number of general tenets about radical political parties, this article examines the Front National (FN) in relation to its core policy issue of immigration. To what extent has FN immigration policy been defined from the outset by its radicalism? Has that radicalism been constant or variable over time? And how far can a reciprocal influence be detected between the FN and the center Right in immigration policy formulation? Focusing on election campaigns, manifestos, and key moments in the FN's evolution, the article assesses how the party has tailored its radicalism to contextual factors and tactical considerations. It reveals an FN less bound to a fixed policy and more ready to seek accommodation (with circumstance, public opinion, or the center Right) than is generally acknowledged. Conversely, it also assesses how the FN's mobilization of strong support on the immigration issue has had radicalizing effects on the center Right. The article concludes by considering whether the change of leadership in January 2011 might confine the FN to the radical Right or see it adopt a more center-oriented course.

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A Radical Democratic Lens to Rejuvenating European Union Democracy Support

Thinking about the Political with a Capital P

Nathan Vandeputte

radical democracy—long have reflected on the concepts of “pluralism,” “contestation,” and “the political,” such bridging arguably holds potential to theoretically improve the question on how EU democracy support could consider democratic contestation. In

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Radical Republicanism

Democracy, Property and Rights

David Guerrero, Bru Laín, and Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen

different countries, thereby constructing a longstanding tradition of anti-oligarchic politics that can be labelled democratic, radical or plebeian republicanism. For these reasons, our special issue occupies a concrete place in the current landscape of the