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‘Rates of Exchange’ Rather than Intellectual Exchanges

An Unknown Correspondence between Marcel Mauss and Victor Branford (1923–24) about the Franco-British Relationship in Interwar Sociology

Baudry Rocquin

this was to raise a sum of ‘60 and even 70,000 Frs’. ‘Help from British friends would perhaps be a little thing for them and for us a very efficient and important one, the rate of the exchange being so much on your side’, Mauss hinted. Before writing to

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How Do Students Rate Textbooks?

A Review of Research and Ongoing Challenges for Textbook Research and Textbook Production

Petr Knecht and Veronika Najvarová

This article argues in favor of including students in textbook research. As teachers decide which textbooks to use in their classrooms, they are the ones who influence textbook development. The article presents a research review of students' evaluations of textbooks, demonstrating that inviting students into the debate may result in interesting stimuli for improving textbooks. The article also discusses suggestions based on student feedback.

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The Biologically Vulnerable Boy

Framing Sex Differences in Childhood Infectious Disease Mortality

Heather T. Battles

Demographers and other scholars have noticed differences in mortality rates and life expectancies for males and females since at least the seventeenth century (see Théré 2003 and Théré and Rohrbasser 2006 for a detailed history). The eighteenth

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Ariela Zycherman

In December 2015 at the 21st Convention of Parties (COP 21) in Paris, Brazil pledged to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent below 2005 rates. One of the primary ways they pledged to do this is to reduce deforestation rates

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David Lester and Sergei Kondrichin

A study of the regional variation of suicide and homicide rates in the 1990s in Siberia showed that suicide rates were associated with clusters of variables measuring economic poverty and ethnic composition, while homicide rates were associated only with a cluster of variables measuring ethnic composition.

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Richard H. Robbins

power of the state to tax its citizens. Third, it set a benchmark for the expected rate of return on capital and served as a model for the creation of thousands more debt-based monetary streams that include home mortgages, credit card and student debt

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Sam Roggen

general assumptions that have been made with regard to CinemaScope’s alteration of cutting rates and shot scale, two stylistic parameters that play a vital role in the creation of gradation of emphasis, with fresh empirical data. Building on Barry Salt

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Beverly Crawford Ames and Armon Rezai

set of three interlocking hypotheses: 1) the contradictions between the insecurity of the market and the requirement for political stability raise incentives for defection from a fixed exchange rate regime or a monetary union and can lead to collapse

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This Was the One for Me

AfD Women's Origin Stories

Christina Xydias

European Parliament, Christina Xydias finds that cross-national variation in mep s’ age distribution correlates with women's rates of election into the ep . 27 Greater interest in ep service—which the study measures as mep s’ ages, with older ages

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Protest Wave or Protest Spike?

An Examination of European Protest Activity, 2008–2012

Matthew Schoene

protest within 19 European countries: signing a petition, wearing a protest badge, boycotting a product, and participating in a demonstration. I use traditional economic and political explanations but also introduce the previous rate of participation in