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“Russia My History”

A Hi-Tech Version of an Old History Textbook

Olga Konkka

Russia My History is a growing network of large-scale multimedia exhibition and educational complexes, officially called “historical parks.” The network runs parks in twenty-one different Russian cities, from Saint Petersburg to Yakutsk, making it

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Michael Hughes

. That honour went instead to Russia, in which much of the action in Le Queux's early novels was set. In the 1890s he was convinced that Russia – along with France – posed the greatest threat to Britain's security (the two countries were from 1894 bound

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Larisa Deriglazova

This article aims to reconsider the fluctuation and composition of feelings of belonging to Europe in Russia during the last twenty-five years. 1 This period is remarkable not only due to Russia’s own development, and search for a new

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Andrei V. Grinëv

The annexation of the Grand Duchy of Finland by the Russian Empire after the victorious war with Sweden in 1808–1809 sharply changed the military-political situation in the Baltic. Into the hands of the Russians fell a vast territory with such

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Iver B. Neumann

Since the state’s very inception, and particularly since Peter the Great opened a window on Europe, Russia has been obsessed with its relationship to Europe. It would not be an overstatement to hold that Russia defines itself primarily in relation

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Germany and Russia Since Reunification

Continuity, Change, and the Role of Leaders

Randall Newnham

Continuity and Change in German-Russian Relations A time traveler from 1989 would hardly recognize today’s Russia—or today’s Germany. Thus, it should surprise no one that German-Russian relations have also been transformed in this period. This

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Russia’s ‘Other Ummah’

From ‘Ethnic Shi’ism’ to Ideological Movement?

Bruno De Cordier

Since the beginning of the Syrian War, ties between Russia and the Shia sphere are primarily examined in terms of geopolitics, while little attention is being paid to the indigenous as well as immigrant Shia populations in Russia itself. Depending on the motives and circumstances that brought and bring various individuals and groups to more actively-professed Ja’fari Shi’ism, these can become the most active champions of its cause, or of social movements inspired by this persuasion. As such, the Shia element in Russia might become more relevant and present than its low-profile minority state suggests.

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Olga Kharus and Vyacheslav Shevtsov

Ienisei and the regions of Transbaikal and Yakutsk) and Amur (including the regions of Amur, Kamchatka, Primor’e, and Sakhalin)—still did not have the local self-government ( zemstvo ) system that had been introduced in the European provinces of Russia in

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Pomors, Pomor’e, and the Russian North

A Symbolic Space in Cultural and Political Context

Yuri P. Shabaev, Igor Zherebtsov, Kim Hye Jin, and Kim Hyun Taek

Pomor’e and the Russian North are geocultural concepts that often refer to a particular historical region of the country. This region did not and does not have clear administrative boundaries. There is no consensus on the geographical boundaries of

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Ryan Tucker Jones

In the years immediately after the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Far East's natural world took on heightened economic and political importance. 1 The weakness of the provisional governments and Soviet power had opened the region's oceans to