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Jean Terrier

, first, to detect shifts in the meaning of the term; second, to analyze how such shifts result from ongoing intellectual conflicts; and third to study, on this basis, aspects of historical change. Overall semantic change, especially when it can be shown

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Appropriations and Contestations of the Islamic Nomenclature in Muslim North India

Elitism, Lexicography, and the Meaning of The Political

Jan-Peter Hartung

Only recently have first attempts been undertaken to apply the approaches of a European history of concepts to extra-European contexts, with a growing emphasis on the Indian subcontinent. 1 A start has been made with semantic fields capturing

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Distributional Concept Analysis

A Computational Model for History of Concepts

Peter De Bolla, Ewan Jones, Paul Nulty, Gabriel Recchia, and John Regan

proposal: “Conceptual history entails assessing semantic changes and exploring the diverse historical settings where concepts are semantically recast, while comparative conceptual history maps those transnational paths.” 7 Although there is surely much to

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Matthew C. Eshleman

the text. To this it should be added, as we will also see below in more detail, Richmond tends to use more words than Barnes. Consequently, and importantly, Richmond's translation exhibits a consistently higher semantic resolution. Furthermore

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Conceptualizing an Outside World

The Case of “Foreign” in Dutch Newspapers 1815–1914

Ruben Ros

. Digital Conceptual History The mundanity of the concept also provides a rationale for the use of large-scale corpora and computational methods. Since the goal of this investigation is the mapping of long-term semantic change in a large body of source

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Angelina Lukina

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

singing. A circle shape of the dance carries important semantic and visual meaning. It is an image of the sun itself. Ksenofontov wrote: “Prior to Christianity the Yakut people venerated the Sun and referred to themselves as ‘people of the Sun’ ( kyun

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“To take a wyf”

Marriage, Status, and Moral Conduct in “The Merchant’s Tale”

Natalie Hanna

the tale, such as that of Hallissy and Kim Phillips, that the language surrounding the term indicates a medieval woman’s economic, social, and moral value granted through marriage. 6 This is revealed through the semantic field of the noun terms around

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Moshe Lavee

, playing with, creating within the cultural heritage becomes possible because of the thickness and richness of the semantic network attached to it. Every word in the canonical text is part of a thick network of connections created through centuries of

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Cècile Mathieu

Translator : Matthew Roy

by various publishers, the idea persisted that there was a single and just norm that reflected a monolithic French language. Given this belief, it is easy to understand the ready acceptance of the semantic content provided by dictionaries. However

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Anatoly Sorokin

, incorporative lexical units and reduplicative compounds used to name reindeer herds, harnesses, and their parts. Hyponyms are related as a semantic subset of the hyperonym. For example, doe, buck, and fawn are kinds of deer in English. Among reindeer