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Rabbi John D. Rayner

Liturgist as Correspondent

Eric L. Friedland

Rabbi John D. Rayner was prolific not only of learned articles and challenging sermons, but a frequent and engaging correspondent. It is through his multitudinous letters that we gain inestimable insight into the dynamic of his path-breaking liturgy-making, his raising of disciples in England and abroad, and his commitment to critical Jewish scholarship combined with utter religious honesty. His love of the Hebrew language, his devotion to family, and his irrepressible brand of humour, too, shone through his missives, both by airmail and by email.

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Howard Cooper

I have been given the task of responding to this gift, this dream-work, and in starting in this personal way I am taking my cue from our speaker, who also began by opening out for us his own personal theological stance. It was, and is, the prism through which everything else is to be viewed. And because the light that he shone on to our theme was, and is, refracted through this personal prism, it deserves particular attention. It seems to me that this prism has several planes.

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Feminine Feminist

Şirin Tekeli

Ceylân Orhun

opinion and luminous hope at all times. The only exception was her own future: she believed there was no reason to live on. Her brilliant “cut” shone throughout multiple facets of her life. She was a painter. With the ease of a professional she would

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Kate Cairns

and sustaining life, with particularly devastating consequences for the world's most marginalized. In their organizing to demand political action to address this crisis, young people have shone a light on the multiple temporalities at stake: by

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Gwendolen Burton

child. Your soul has returned to God before we could properly know you. As this candle burns, so too you shone for us. As this candle flickers, so too your life was fragile. We will never forget what we have seen because you were, for so short a time

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Centralized or Decentralized

Which Governance Systems are Having a “Good” Pandemic?

Jennifer Gaskell and Gerry Stoker

seems equally as important to the effectiveness of a response. Operational capacity or functionality is different to constitutional arrangements and different again to standard lists of the requirements for good governance. This pandemic has shone a

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Considerations on the Assassination of William Shakespeare

Richard Wilson

Testament only been presented to the world. Calvi must have seen he was holding a nuclear weapon, with power to “transculturalize” the “established order”. But no sooner had he shone his torch on the inscription “Florio” than he was interrupted. Of course

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Echoes of austerity

Policy, temporality, and public health in South Africa

Theodore Powers

that now, in the post-apartheid South Africa when poor black people could access this, the hospital was being run down and broken apart, literally, in front of our eyes.” Elise's eyes shone with anger as she described how the history of colonization

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Albert H. Friedlander

An American Appreciation

Amy-Jill Levine

with God can take place in the utmost darkness – if we are ready for it. The blessing which shone through Leo Baeck must touch our lives; May God reach out to you in tenderness and give you peace’. 38 Friedlander learned from his teacher Leo Baeck

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Francisca Lladó

glories, There rose a Carlo Dolce or a Titian, Or wilder group of savage Salvatore's; Here danced Albano's boys, and here the sea shone In Vernet's ocean lights; and there the stories Of martyrs awed, as Spagnoletto tainted His brush with all