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“I Showed You What I Thought Was Appropriate”

Reflections on Longitudinal Ethnographic Research and the Performativity of Dutch Gang Life

Robert A. Roks

underestimate it a bit. I showed you what I thought was appropriate.” Although things between us settled down over the next couple of days, these digital exchanges were our last interactions. Since then, a lot happened in Raymond's life, as indicated by our

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Tetiana Bulakh

In this article, I analyze Koroleva Balu, hereafter referred to in English as The Queen of the Ball, a Ukrainian makeover TV show for schoolgirls that showcases girls' competition for the title of Queen during the preparation for their high school prom. A crew of professional stylists assists the participants, creating their personal styles. My focus is on an analysis of the concepts of girls' empowerment through feminine beauty and “femme-ing the normative.” I investigate how gender is constructed by the show as a performative act and how this process corresponds to post-socialist views of beauty and femininity.

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Kristin Dimitrova

Being a writer with a female name in Bulgaria means that, before tackling any gender issue in your book, you have a specific problem of your own—society is not quite pre- pared to consider you as an important and undeniable voice in literature, that is, as a writer. This happens no ma er how many male imitators a woman has. It hasn’t got much to do with the reading audience either—a well-selling female author does not flow as smoothly into the cliché of the national mentor as her male colleagues do.

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Rory Loughnane

invigorating account of the staging difficulties of this scene. Within this chapter, and of course within all three versions of Hamlet , is the dumb show that precedes the play-within-the-play. Wilson's subtitle, channelling Eliot and responding to the

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Why “Dissident” Irish Republicans Haven't Gone Away

A Visual Study of the Persistence of “Terrorism”

Robert W. White

these events (1) offer examples of the nonviolent activism of “terrorist organizations”; and (2) show that the personal and organizational incentives and structures that sustain activism in nonviolent social movement organizations also sustain activism

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Rebecca Scales

fellow citizens’ attention to “that great family of disabled civilians the state shows so little interest in: the chronically ill, amputees, and paralyzed people.” * In a five-minute radio program entitled La Tribune de l'Invalide , which aired from

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Angel in the House, Devil in the City

Explorations of Gender in Dracula and Penny Dreadful

Lauren Rocha

by His own hand to show us men and other women that there is a heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth’ – an embodiment of the ‘angel in the house’ ideal. 9 Dracula’s threat involving Mina is more severe as he exclaims to

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Statutory Rape or Postfeminism in Pretty Little Liars?

Shara Crookston

television show that validates the young girl/father figure relationship and habitually offends in relation to older men/adolescent girl romantic relationships is Freeform's Pretty Little Liars series (2010–2017). This series routinely depicts adult males

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Tintin and Corto Maltese

The European Adventurer Meets the Colonial Other

Dani Filc

Adventures frequently take place within the colonial world and the genre's values are based on colonial values. Florian Krobb, for example, shows the colonial values at work in Jules Verne's work, through the analysis of Cinq Semaines en Ballon [Five weeks

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Christian Interpretation of Kohelet [Ecclesiastes]

Three Examples from History and the Present

Elisabeth Birnbaum

debasement of the Old Testament has also been known ever since Marcion. Both can but do not have to go hand in hand. And they both have differing effects on the interpretation of the Book of Kohelet. I want to show this by means of two examples. (1) Among