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Shu-Yuan Yang

Christianity functions as a significant identity marker for the Bunun, an Austronesian-speaking indigenous people of Taiwan. However, identity construction and boundary maintenance are not given by them as immediate reasons for conversion. Instead, the continuity between Bunun traditional beliefs and Christianity is commonly viewed as the most important reason why the latter took strong hold among the Bunun. This article aims to explain why this is so, and to illustrate how the Bunun have transformed Christianity from a foreign religion into something that is familiar, indigenous, and of their own. Among the local Christians, theology is downplayed in favor of piety, which is cultivated and expressed through practical activities. Healing, in particular, is seen as a demonstration of the power of the Christian God and constitutes the Bunun experience of Christianity.

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Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, Ciraj Rassool, Bruce Levy, Vera Mey, Jeanette Atkinson, Elizabeth Rankin, Ying Ying Lai, Linda Young, Christian Mesia Montenegro, and Conal McCarthy

Fetish Modernity (Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm)

Remaking an Ethnographic Museum in Cologne (The New Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum—Cultures of the World)

The George W. Bush Presidential Center (Dallas, Texas)

Moving on Asia: Towards a New Art Network 2004–2013 (Gallery LOOP, Seoul, and City Gallery Wellington)

L'Art Nouveau: La Révolution Décorative and Tamara de Lempicka (La Reine de l'Art Déco, Pinacothèque de Paris)

Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Glyptothek, and Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Tangible Splendor: The Chi Chang Yuan Collection of Lacquer with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay (National Museum of History, Taipei)

First Peoples (Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum Linda Young)

The National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History, and the National Museum of Peruvian Culture, Lima

David Bowie Is (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, and Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin)

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Ming-Lun Chung

. In practice, there were fourteen central interdepartmental conferences on the prevention of school bullying between 2006 and 2011 ( Control Yuan 2011: 3–5 ). Before 2010, the government took the conception of school anti-bullying as a part of school

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The Ethics of Collective Sponsorship

Virtuous Action and Obligation in Contemporary Tibet

Jane Caple

monastery’s assembly hall, monks and villagers pledged over five million yuan (roughly $750,000) to rebuild it, and by the summer the ground had been cleared. One year later, when I revisited the village—which I will call Dewa 2 —the basic construction was

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Public Evaluation of Society in China

The Social Quality Approach

Ren Liying and Zou Yuchin

income of the family: the low-income group is less than 10,000 yuan, the low-and middle-income group is 10,000–30,000 yuan, the middle-and high-income group is 30,000–70,000 yuan, and the high-income group is more than 70,000 yuan. Housing area uses the

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The Art of Capture

Hidden Jokes and the Reinvention of Animistic Ontologies in Southwest China

Katherine Swancutt

within a short stretch of time. Two years earlier, the couple’s second-born child had died of a sudden fever. Yet the parents, who were in their early thirties, had not held an exorcism at the time because of the enormous expense (about 10,000 yuan or £1

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“China gives and China takes”

African traders and the nondocumenting states

Shanshan Lan

also introduces a new visa category to facilitate the inflow of foreign talent ( Bork-Huffer and Yuan-Ihle 2014 ; Haugen 2015 ). Although sanfei foreigners originate from a variety of countries, in the Guangzhou context they are primarily associated

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Stephan Feuchtwang

tight imperial system of command and control by a Mongol conquest and its dynasty, the Yuan (1271–1368), which fixed the mix of civilizations under the imposition of a settled version of Mongol pastoral command. The collapse of the Yuan dynasty

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“SpiritS Follow the words”

Stories as Spirit Traces among the Khmu of Northern Laos

Rosalie Stolz

. “ Fear the Spirits, Love Each Other: Kinship and Sociality among the Khmu Yuan of Northern Laos .” PhD diss., University of Cologne . Svantesson , Jan-Olof , Damrong Tayanin , Kristina Lindell , et al. 2014 . Dictionary of Kammu Yùan Language

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Is the Kingdom of Bicycles Rising Again?

Cycling, Gender, and Class in Postsocialist China

Hilda Rømer Christensen

example, this is expressed in the practices of Yuang Yuan, a thirty-five-year-old support manager in a private company, who has been riding for five years. He places emphasis on the pain, pressure, physical strain, and risks associated with biking and