The Continual Relevance of The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years On

Revisiting Raewyn Connell’s Pivotal Text

in Boyhood Studies
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  • 1 Swansea University, UK
  • | 2 South African Medical Research Council Masculinity and Health Research Unit, and University of South Africa, South Africa
  • | 3 United Nations Development Program, Chile
  • | 4 University of Lincoln, UK
  • | 5 Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities, University of East Anglia, UK
  • | 6 Professor Emerita, University of Sydney, Australia

Following the launch of our first special issue in December 2020 (Cann et al. 2020) we are delighted to publish this second, linked issue. As evidence of the impact and dominance of Raewyn Connell’s ideas and their influence on the field, we received so many high-quality abstracts in response to our call for papers that we decided to create two collections. This second special issue of Boyhood Studies, An Interdisciplinary Journal, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Raewyn Connell’s landmark text, The Men and the Boys (2000), and hosts a wide range of international and interdisciplinary authors to highlight the continued global relevance of the book and Connell’s work more widely. This issue continues this work by showcasing an impressive array of empirical research studies and reflection pieces by emerging and leading scholars that are guided by the original themes in The Men and the Boys.