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Rob Boddice, Christian J. Emden and Peter Vogt


Improvising the Emotional Self

A Review of Erin Sullivan, Beyond Melancholy: Sadness and Selfhood in Renaissance England

Networks: Toward a Critical Archaeology of Cultural Tropes

A Review of Sebastian Gießmann, Die Verbundenheit der Dinge: Eine Kulturgeschichte der Netze und Netzwerke [The connectedness of things: A cultural history of webs and networks] and Alexander Friedrich, Metaphorologie der Vernetzung: Zur Theorie kultureller Leitmetaphern [A metaphorology of networks: Toward a theory of cultural tropes]

Fate—Opponent of Human Autonomy or Its Source?

A Review of Franziska Rehlinghaus, Die Semantik des Schicksals: Zur Relevanz des Unverfügbaren zwischen Aufk lärung und Erstem Weltkriek [The semantics of fate: On the relevance of what is beyond human control between the Enlightenment and World War I]

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