A Sixteenth Century Portuguese Novel and the Jewish Press in Ferrara

in European Judaism
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  • 1 King's College London
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The publication in 1554 of Bernardim Robeiro's novel Menina e Moça (A Young Girl) has traditionally been regarded as an anomaly in the publishing policy reflected in the many works printed by Abraham Usque in Ferrara. Virtually all the other works printed by this exiled Portuguese Jew are religious or philosophical in nature and are addressed mainly to a Jewish public. Even the XXIII Coplas (XXIII Couplets) of the Christian neo-Platonist Jorge Manrique were published as an addendum to Afonso de la Torre's Vision Delectable do la Philosophia y Artes Liberales (Delightful Vision of Philosophy and the Liberal Arts), a work influenced by the thinking of Maimondies and Aben Tofail and much more in accord with Usque's ideological preferences.