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Growing Up Religiously in a Changing World

Julia Gardos

This paper was written for the JCM interfaith conference in 2012. The theme of the conference was youth and religion, and the three keynote speakers of the three respective faiths were all young members of their communities, asked to talk about their personal experiences and views on growing up religiously in a changing world. Being the Jewish representative, I wrote about my own religious identity and the challenges that young Jews face in Hungary, comparing it to a Jewish upbringing in England. I set out to explore why atheism and antireligious views are so prevalent among young adults today and why established religions are judged so harshly. I then presented my own expectations towards my faith, and talked about how Jewish tradition can be reconciled with the values and lifestyles of young people in today's Western world. Finally, I looked at the importance of interfaith dialogue and open mindedness towards other cultures, and the essential role that these must play if religion is to prevail in future generations.

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