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Between Budennovsk and Beslan

Zaindi Choltaev and Michaela Pohl

Keywords: Beslan (North Ossetia); Chechen-Russian conflict; Chechnya; Russia; Vladimir Putin

This article discusses the hostage tragedy in Beslan (North Ossetia) and its connection to Russia's war in Chechnya and to Vladimir Putin's domestic policies. The authors argue that Russia is embracing the war on terror, but Russia's leaders are not really interested in putting an end to the terror. They have not made an effort to find out or tell the truth about its causes, to fight the all-pervasive corruption that is an important factor in all of the latest major attacks, nor to find convincing social and political solutions in Chechnya. The current initiatives leave society with lies and terromania and strengthen those who profit from a continuation of the war on terror and the war in Chechnya.


Choltaev, Zaindi - Foundation for Democracy and Social Progress

Pohl, Michaela - Vassar College