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Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

Managing and Lead Editor: Luisa Steur, University of Amsterdam

Editorial Board
Don Kalb, University of Bergen
Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra University
Mao Mollona, Goldsmiths College, London
Mathijs Pelkmans, London School of Economics
Oscar Salemink, University of Copenhagen
Alpa Shah, London School of Economics
Gavin Smith, University of Toronto

Volume 2019, 3 issues per volume (spring, summer, winter)

Subjects: Anthropology

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Issue 65: Toward an anthropology of affirmative action. Guest Editors: Alpa Shah and Sara Shneiderman | Horizons of choice: An ethnographic approach to decision making. Guest Editors: Åsa Boholm and Annette Henning

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