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Resistance written and imaged: The distancing visual narrative of Ornela Vorpsi

Giorgia Alù



This article explores the visual narrative of the Albanian Italophone writer Ornela Vorpsi. By drawing evidence from her short novels, Il paese dove non si muore mai

and La mano che non mordi, and from her collection of short stories entitled Vetri rosa, this article intends to cast light on how the interaction between writing and a

photographic aesthetic empowers Vorpsi’s narration of estrangement and repression through the creation of a strategic narrating and visualizing distance. In particular, her writing, strongly influenced by the visual, will be seen as a means of resistance and deriving from an urge to free repressed feelings, stories and corporeality. It also examines the type of reality that emerges from Vorpsi’s visual narration and how word and image allow her to construct and reiterate alternative self-views.

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